Planning a trip to Maui

Planning a trip to Maui

Congrats,¬†you’ve made the decision and picked Maui as your vacation destination! Whether it’s for a honeymoon, wedding, reunion, anniversary or just a plain o’ holiday, you made a wonderful choice, the right choice. ūüôā ¬†2 1/2 million people¬†don’t flock to Maui each year¬†for no reason.

So now comes the hard part, planning the trip.¬† It’s no easy task.¬† Maui has so many places to see and eat you have no idea where to start. But this guide will¬†help¬†you get started and¬†walk you¬†through the whole entire process from booking your airplane tickets to deciding which beach to frolic on. ¬†I recommend you plan your trip at least 6 months in advance, ideally a year if possible because Maui is a very popular¬†tropical destination and the sooner you start the more you save on money and the more options you will have.

Let’s get started on planning a trip to Maui!

  1. When to go to Maui
  2. How to get to Maui
  3. Where to Stay in Maui
  4. Getting Around in Maui
  5. What to Pack for Maui
  6. Top 10 Things to do in Maui
  7. Where to Eat in Maui
  8. What Beaches to go to in Maui
  9. Where to Shop in Maui

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