Best Places to Stay in Maui

So you’ve narrowed down the area and type of Maui accommodation you want, now you need decide on the best place to stay in Maui.  The choices are limitless, but how do you know which place provides the best stay for your vacation? Have you stayed at a place where it doesn’t live up to the pictures you saw?  What you saw is what you didn’t get … we’ve all been there.  Thankfully the site Trip Advisor exists.  It is a review website for hotels, condos and vacations.  Users write hotel/condo/resort reviews and upload photos of their stay on Trip Advisor to share what their experiences were like at a particular place.  It could be good or bad, but at least you get an honest opinion from someone who had just recently stayed there.

Look up the potential place you want to stay at on Trip Advisor, read the reviews, look at the pictures and determine if this is a place you want to stay at.  Select at least 3 places you would like to stay at, list out the pros and cons of each place and start the elimination process.

To help you get started here’s a list of best places to stay in Maui for each popular area.

Best Places to stay in Hana (East Maui)

Best Places to stay in Kaanapali (West Maui)

Best Places to stay in Kapalua & Napili (West Maui)

Best Places to stay in Kihei & Wailea (South Maui)

Best Places to stay in Lahaina (West Maui)


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