When to go to Maui

You’ve picked the perfection destination, now you need to determine when to go to Maui.  Some questions you have may are:

When is the best time to go to Maui?

You can go to Maui any time of the year and still have a blast. The weather is pleasant all year around. It all depends on your preferences and what you want out of your vacation.   If you want to relax and not deal with the crowds or on a budget, go during off season and avoid the major holidays.   If you want a romantic vacation and don’t want deal with families with screaming kids, don’t go during the summer when kids are out of school.  If you want to go to when it’s poppin’ and meet other travelers or celebrate a holiday, go during peak seasons.  Once you know what you want from your vacation, you’ll know your best the time to go to Maui.

When is Maui’s off and peak seasons?

Maui’s peak season is from mid December to April because of the Holiday season and Humpback Whale season and spring break.  Then peak season picks up again from June to August because kids are out of school and families get to travel.  Peak season also includes any major holiday weekend such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, President’s Day, etc.   With Peak Season, expect to pay a premium on airfare, hotel accommodations and car rentals.  Expect to pay 10% to 50% more during this time.  Also, keep in mind to book airfare, hotel and car rental early during peak season as it’s a desirable time for alot people to travel.  It’ll definitely be crowded and the restaurants are super busy!  BOOK EARLY!  I recommend booking at least 6 to 9 months in advance.

Maui’s off season is from September to mid November.   Airfare, hotels and car rentals are much cheaper and reasonable and definitely less crowded.  Since it’s slow, travel agencies offer the best vacation package deals during this time.  The weather is also great during this time, not blazing hot but you can still get your tan on.  If you want to avoid the crowds and digging deep in your wallet, this is your window of opportunity.  However, no humpback whales to be seen.  Don’t sweat, there are plenty of other sea creatures to see in Maui. I personally like to go to Maui during this time.

When does Maui have the best weather?

Fortunately, weather in Maui is fairly consistent.  It’s ranges from 75 degrees in the winter to 88 degrees during the day.  Here’s a break down of the weather by months.

December to February –  These months are considered Maui’s winter time, the coldest and wettest. Don’t worry, you won’t be caught in a snow storm or anything.  Temperatures ranges from a low 63 to a high 80.  In Hana, it’s slightly cooler than the rest of the island.  As for rain, it’ll just probably shower for a few minutes then it’s over so it won’t ruin your vacation.  The weather is still great during this time but slightly cooler.

March to May – These months are considered Maui’s spring time.  The weather is consistently warm and sunny.  Towards May, it’ll start getting hotter when summer approaches.  Temperatures ranges from a low 67 to a high 85.  Again, Hana is still slightly cooler than the rest of the island. Ocean temperature will start to rise above 75 degrees.

June to August – The hottest months in Maui and very dry.  Also, one of the busiest time of the year because kids are out of school. Temperatures ranges from a low 70 to a high 90, and Hana’s temperature is more consistent with the rest of the island.  Very warm and sunny!  Definitely lube up with sunblock or become a baked lobster.  Swimming will feel like you’re bathing in luke warm water.  Towards August, temperatures start to drop to Fall weather and Hana is slightly cooler than the rest of the island.

September to November – Temperatures drop to a range of 70 to 80.  The ocean temperature is between 75 to 80.  It can also become very humid during these months.  Towards the end of October and early November the temperatures begin to drop, ranging from 65 to 80, preparing for the winter months.  It can also get a bit cloudy and windy.  These are actually the perfect months to head over to Maui because the weather is just right and as an added bonus it’s off season.

As you can see, Maui doesn’t really experience an extreme winter like in the East Coast on the mainland.  It’s really pleasant all year around, with only a few degrees difference between the months.  Even if it rains during your trip, it won’t be for long and you get to see a rainbow at the end. 🙂

What are some seasonal activities in Maui?

Between, mid December to early April is Humpback Whale season.    They migrate 3,500 miles from Alaska their feeding ground to Hawaii their mating ground each year.  Maui happens to be on the whales’  travel itinerary.  Often, you can see the whales slapping their fins and tail in the water from shore. For a closer encounter you can book a boat excursion and they take you to areas where whales are known to roam.  Once summer is approaching in Maui, the whales make the long journey back to Alaska to fatten up again.  The journey takes about 4 to 6 weeks EACH way.

So you have made up your mind or is your head spinning?  I know, it’s hard to pick.   There’s really no bad or good time to go to Maui.  Maui is enjoyable all year round.  If you can’t pick, I say mid September for you!