Getting Around in Maui

There are several ways to getting around in Maui such as shuttle, bus, moped, and taxi.  But the best way to really explore Maui is by a rental car.  It’s convenient, efficient, fast and affordable.  Maui does not have an island-wide public transit system like Oahu.  Car Rental Companies offer free shuttle rides to their facility to/from Kahului Airport frequently and most are only 1 mile away from the airport.  Kapulua in West Maui also has a small car rental location.  There’s plenty to choose from: Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Hertz and National.

You don’t need 4wd to explore most of Maui.  For the Road to Hana, I would recommend getting at least a mid-size car for comfort or power.  I’ve seen compacts on Hana but it looked cramped.

I highly recommend Hawaii Discount Car Rental, it searches for rates from the all the car rental agencies and it is usually cheaper than booking directly with the agencies or rates from Kayak.  But the best part is that Hawaii Discount Car Rental does not require a deposit or credit card payment up front and has add-ons for free such as unlimited miles and additional driver. You also cancel anytime without any penalty fee.  The down side is you won’t know who the car rental agency is and the exact type of car until after you’ve made the reservation but I’ve never had problems with the choices they’ve given me.

Another good option is Costo Travel!  Like HDCR you can add an additional driver for free and there’s free cancellation as well. If you want to try out other methods of transportation here’s some information: