Types of Maui Accommodation

What type of Maui accommodation do I need to fit my preferences and budget? A hotel? condo?

  • Bed and Breakfasts – They come in a wide range in Maui.  It could be the traditional small lodging with breakfast or a private home with several bedrooms to rent out where the bathroom may be shared or private.  Double check the property description matches what you want or contact the owner further clarification.   The rooms are usually smaller, privacy is lacking and only provide the very basics such as a warm bed and hot shower.  Not really great for families but is friendly on the wallet. Airbnb and Vrbo are great websites to find BnBs


  • Condos – They’re like apartments ranging from a junior suite to 3 bedrooms.  They usually come fully equipped with a kitchen and an on-site laundry facility.  This is great for families with kids, large groups and cooking in helps with the budget.  The condos are either in a high rise  building or a cluster of low rise buildings.  They have daily or weekly maid service, pool and usually an on-site lobby or property manager.  Although you usually have to go off site for restaurants and shopping.  The price range varies depending on location and amenities.


  • Hotels –  They also come in a wide range in Maui.  It could be the traditional hotel that offers all the standard amenities such as maid service, on site restaurant/bar, on site laundry facilities/services, pool, small convenience store, front desk service, and activities desk.  Or hotels that just offer the minimal over night accommodations with no extra services or frills.  Double check the property details to make sure what they offer is what you need.  The price range varies depending on location and amenities.


  • Resorts – They’re almost like a mini thriving town.  They’re a combo of what Condos and Hotels offer plus more such as direct beach access, lounge chairs, cabanas, extravagant pools, Jacuzzi, spa, fitness centers, activities center, golf, tennis, more restaurant options, day care, Luau shows.  You almost don’t need to leave your resort, you have everything you need.  Resorts are great for families traveling with small children.  Expect to pay the big bucks though.


  • Private Rentals – Make sure the owner has the license to rent out their property and ask for reviews/references from previous vacationers.  Do your homework to make sure the rental property is legit.   Ask for pictures of the property.  They usually require a large deposit up front so it’s worth the extra research.  The rentals range from a house to a condo.

Here are some things you should consider when looking for accommodations.

  1. Do you want restaurants and shops within walking distance or don’t mind driving short distances?
  2. Do you want beach front access?  Does the hotel/condo have easy access to a beach?
  3. Is the hotel/condo kid friendly?  Does the hotel have a pool to accommodate kids?  Does the hotel provide activities for kids?  Does the hotel restaurant have a kids menu?
  4. Is a room with an ocean view important to you?
  5. Do want to cook while on vacation?
  6. Does the hotel/condo provide BBQ grills?
  7. Do you need to do laundry while on vacation?
  8. Does the hotel/condo provide room service, laundry service and concierge service?
  9. Does the hotel/condo have a spa/salon/fitness center/business center/activities desk?
  10. Does the hotel/condo provide free overnight parking?
  11. Does the hotel/condo offer free or paid wi-fi service?
  12. Does the hotel/condo provide any free shuttle service to attractions around the Island?
  13. Is daily or weekly maid service provided?
  14. Is the location in a safe area?
  15. Is the hotel/condo near any major roads or highways?
  16. Does the hotel/condo accommodate wheel chair access?
  17. Does the room have A/C and a TV?
  18. Does the room have a balcony with lounge chairs?
  19. Does the hotel/resort have any nightly activities?
  20. Are you on  a tight budget or can spend like Donald Trump?


By answering these questions you can narrow down the type the accommodation that would be a perfect for your Maui vacation.

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