Best Maui Beaches for Kids!

There’s plenty of beautiful beaches in Maui to choose from, each offer its own unique character.  Some beaches are great for surfers or body boarders and some beaches are super calm which is great for relaxing.  However if you’re traveling with children it’s important you choose beaches that are safe and fun for the whole family.  Look no further, here is a list of the best Maui beaches for kids, small and big!

Baby Beach

baby beach - best maui beach for kids

Baby Beach is located in Lahaina.  The water at Baby Beach is only 3 to 4 feet deep for at least 50 feet out from shore, so there is a lot of room for the little ones to play and swim.  There is also a barrier reef a few hundred feet out with barely any waves, so this a great option for kids who are first time snorkelers!  Kids can play in the sand if they’re not too keen being in the water or take naps in the shady and grassy areas.

  • Address: 51 Puunoa Pl, Lahaina, HI 96761
  • Facilities: None
  • Parking: residential street parking
  • Tip: bottom can be rocky with some coral so be careful entering and leaving the water.  Also bring some drinks and snacks for the little ones, you could easily spend half a day here relaxing.
Napili Bay Beach

napili beach - best maui beach for kids

Napili Bay Beach is a small quaint cove located in the Kapalua, and right next door to Kapalua Bay Beach.  Water isn’t as calm as Baby Beach in Lahaina but the waves are gentles.  Still great for beginner snorkelers or kids want baby waves to learn to boogie board. The shore break is gradual but it does get steep after 10 feet from shore.  If you have teenagers that are decent swimmers, they can snorkel to left side of the cove to find plenty of sea turtles.  This place is surrounded by resorts so come early as it does it crowded with other families.  Which is  also a great place for your kiddies to make friends with other kiddies!

  • Parking: Street parking on Hui Drive and surrounding neighborhood
  • Facilities: none, just single shower head at the public access is on Hui Drive
  • Tip: Without having to get wet, go to the left rocky side of the cove which is full of turtles


Kapalua Bay Beach

Best Maui Beaches for Kids - Kapalua Beach

Neighboring and just north of Napili Bay Beach is Kapalua Bay Beach.  I vote this is the best overall family beach because it has something for everyone and the amenities it offers.  The water is calm for little ones and first time snorkelers.  The more adventurous ones can do more advance snorkeling further out or do some beginner padding boarding.  There is a small rental shack for snorkeling gear and paddle boarding.  There is also a life guard on duty.  The fish is plentiful here and you don’t have to swim too far to see the wild life.  You can actually see schools of baby fishes literally a feet away from the shore

  • Parking: There’s a very small public access parking lot that fills up quickly.  If full, find street parking on Lower Honoapiilani Road
  • Facilities: Restrooms, showers and water fountain at entrance
  • Tip: enter the water from the middle of the beach to avoid rocks

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