Best Places to see Sea Turtles in Maui for free!


Best Beaches to find Sea Turtles in Maui

With the abundant of reef fish, beautiful coral reef and other interesting marine life in Maui, the sea turtles in Maui are the island’s favorite. There’s so many places in Maui to see Sea Turtles for free without having to be deep sea diver or strong swimmer.  Just remember you’re in their home and they’re protected by law, so please don’t touch or try to ride the sea turtles.

Top favorites spots to find Sea Turtles in Maui


Black Rock at Kaanapali Beach

The Black Rock is a large lava rock that separate the 2 halves of Kaanapali Beach.  As you snorkel around the coral encrusted lava rock you’ll see many colorful fishes and coral.  The Sea Turtles tend to stay near the rocks.  But I’ve seen sea turtles hanging out just 3ft from shore.  Usually there’s 2 to 3 of them at a time there.


Napili Beach

If you want to see Sea Turtles without getting in the water, this is the beach!  Go towards the left of the beach where the lava rock formation is and you can watch Turtles swimming near the rocks.  Sometimes the currents and waves are strong enough to push one of the turtles onto the rocks so get your camera ready!

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