Covid Test for CBX Crossing

cbx covid test

The U.S Department of State recently updated their Covid testing requirements for international travelers entering into the United States. The State’s updated requirements account for traveler’s vaccination status. Fully vaccinated travelers need to show proof on negative test within 3 days of traveling. While unvaccinated travelers need to show proof of negative test within 1 day of traveling.

This update has caused some confusion. Travelers are wondering if they are required to show proof of a negative Covid test, to enter back into the United States from Mexico via CBX (Crossing Border Xpress). CBX is a border land crossing exclusively for passengers of the Tijuana International Airport. This allow passengers easily cross between Mexico and the United States through a pedestrian bridge. The bridge connects directly into the Tijuana International Airport. Many travelers to Mexico use CBX, to take advantage of cheaper airfare flying out to the Tijuana airport.

So does the updated Covid negative test order apply to land border crossings? Per CBX and CDC, a negative Covid test only applies to air travel into the United States. A negative Covid test is not required for CBX passengers.

Does this order apply to land border crossings? – No, the requirements of this Order only apply to air travel into the U.S.

A COVID-19 test is not required for CBX passengers.

I recently traveled to Mexico using CBX and came up back the same way. I wasn’t ask to show any Covid test results. I just had to show my U.S. passport.

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