What should you do after you arrive in Maui?

welcome to maui - after you arrive in Maui, now what?

So you’ve just landed in paradise and you’re tired from the long plane ride, now what? I recommend you do these top 5 things after you arrive in Maui. But you want to go straight to the beaches right? I do too but you’ve got to get some things out of the way first.  Unless you’re staying near the airport it’s quite a trek to do these things.  So you might as well do them now since you’re in the area. Plus you might have forgotten to pack something.

Top 5 Things to do After You Arrive in Maui


#1 – Costco

If your accommodations have a kitchen or a fridge you should stock up on essential staples here like water, bread, eggs and various snacks.  If you’re traveling with family or a big group, it’s cheaper to stock up here than at the local grocery stores or ABC stores.  Plus at the Maui Costco they sell Macadamia Nuts and other Hawaiian chocolates by the boatload and it will be cheaper than buying at the ABC stores.  So you can stock up souvenir gifts here too!  Costco is only 1 mile away from Kahalui airport, so convenient!


#2 – Target

Stop by Target if you need buy sunblock and other beach/hiking essentials that you don’t need in bulk from costco.  You can buy items you forgot to pack like clothes, toiletries and diapers. Target is only little over 2 miles from the airport


#3 – Get Some food

Geste Shrimp Truck - 3

The airplane food was probably horrible and you’re probably starving by now, try Geste Shrimp Truck. This is my favorite place to eat on Maui. The shrimp here is cooked to perfection and the flavors cannot be found on the mainland.  Each lunch plate comes with 2 scoops of rice and a scope of macaroni salad. By eating here you will have to forget about any service, tables and chairs but you do get an ocean view.  Geste Shrimp Truck is parked in a dirt lot next to the ocean with other food trucks.  It’s only a couple miles from Kahului airport, so from the airport you go on Kahului Airport Road towards Hana Hwy/State Hwy 36, make a right on Hana Hwy/State Hwy 36, continue on Kaahumanu Ave, right on Kahului Beach Road and it’s on your right hand side.  They close Mondays and Sundays.  Cash Only!


#4 – Iao Needle

IaoNeedle - 4

If you don’t have perishables in the car, start your vacation by visiting one of the most iconic and photographed places in Maui, Iao Needle!  Just 7 miles from the airport.  The Iao Needle stands 1200 ft tall, is covered in green lush and surrounded by the beautiful green mountains. Parking is $5 per car and nice paved paths to get a view of the needle. Spend at least 30 mins walking around to enjoy the scenery, stream, and garden.


#5 – Double Check your Route!

maui route

After you’re done running your errands and are ready to check into your accommodations. Make sure if you’re heading to the West side of Maui your GPS takes you through the central route (HI-380) and up to the west (HI-30 S).  If your GPS tries to take you on the Northwest 340 route, abort! abort!  This route is very dangerous, single lane, unpaved, rocky, sheer cliff drop offs.  It is the shorter route by miles but travelers should avoid this route.  My friend’s GPS gave her this route and she couldn’t turn around.  She spent 2 hours drivings at night with monkey death grips on the steering wheel.  She said it was one of the scariest things she has ever done.


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